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Come & See is a collection of 250 written devotions covering the 250 greatest films of all time. The devotions are also available as a book, but perpetually, they are also available one at a time, week by week for anyone who subscribes to this email list.

The emails are sent on Sunday mornings. They proceed chronologically through film history beginning at the beginning and continuing onward to the present day. No matter when you subscribe, you will begin with the first films ever made and then work forward in time through film history.

Read a sample email on The Wizard of Oz.

Concise and Illuminating

Each devotion is four hundred words or less, and they are accompanied by a model prayer. These great films invite endless discussion. These devotions reveal just enough to open your eyes to the spiritual resonance in the greatest films of all time.

Watch With Others

The devotions also include a link to an online community where you can discuss these films with other subscribers. The only thing better than watching great movies is getting to watch great movies with other movie-lovers. Because of streaming services, it's never been easier to watch great films. It has also never been such an isolating experience. The Come & See community is my way of making something better possible for those who want it.

Completely Free

I created this collection of devotions and this way of sharing them in a way that is financially sustainable for me and my family.

Watching great films with your spiritual eyes wide open and with the intent of responding in spirit and truth to the beauty and goodness we find in them is a transformative experience that will help us love ourselves, our neighbors, the world, and God better.

I believe watching movies in this way contributes to the common good, so I want this collection to be a common good, and what's more common than an email?

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