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The story of cinema is the story of God's Spirit working alongside filmmakers helping our newest artform to flourish

In 250 concise devotions on the greatest films of all time, Come & See: A Christian Guide to the Greatest Films of All Time provides a model for how to view film history with your spiritual eyes wide open. Come & See is a comprehensive film history and an inspiring testament to the Spirit’s work in the lives of cinema’s most esteemed artists.

Explore Every Major Filmmaker, Genre, and Movement

Discover God's Spirit at Work Wherever We Find Beauty

Discover New Movies to Love

Love Movies You Already Love Even More

the first of its kind Christian interaction with the canon of cinema

Praise for Come & See

beautiful, heartfelt, knowledgeable, and hospitable

Come & See is the single most significant contribution to film viewing with the eyes of faith in my lifetime. Elijah’s writing is beautiful, heartfelt, knowledgeable, and hospitable. I am moved by this truly epic undertaking, all for the love of God and film.”

– Lauralee Farrer, Filmmaker

Recommended Paths

Come & See offers eleven different paths you can take through film history highlighting significant evidence of God's Spirit at work.

The Greatest Films of All Time

The films included in Come & See are the movies filmmakers, film scholars, and film lovers agree are the most important of all time.

A New Way of Watching Movies

Through concise devotions and model prayers, Come & See reveals a new way of watching movies with your spiritual eyes and ears wide open.

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