What should we watch next?

We're entering our final month of our club for the spring session. For our first May meeting, we'll delve into comedies. It's another genre which tend to get pushed aside in favor of drama during discussions of "the greatest films." We've watched a lot of serious movies this session. It'll be fun to laugh together.

As always, please rank your preferences from first to last. Interactions with each film are found in Come & See: A Christian Guide to the Greatest Films of All Time. I've included the page number (for the paperback version of the book) for each film in parentheses.

This week's candidates are:

Sherlock Jr. (74) + Duck Soup (91)
Singin’ in the Rain (140)
Some Like it Hot (174)
Playtime (212)
The Graduate (214)
The Heartbreak Kid (229)
Tootsie (274)

The Spirit of the Beehive

On mobile devices you will likely need to go here to vote: https://www.rcv123.org/ballot/518387VJcwzWNVUZcR9JpdK